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Don’t Miss Artists’ Network Gallery’s Streetcar Art Exhibition, a Celebration of the North’s Red Rocket

Every city has its imagery. With the Raptors historic win over the Warriors, the black-and-white ‘WE THE NORTH’ flags come to mind. Throughout Toronto right now they can be found strewn between bridges and on buildings—a new symbol of our collective pride.”

An upcoming art exhibition at Artists’ Gallery Network asks us to consider one of the city’s older and perhaps most iconic image, right up there with the CN Tower: the Red Rocket. The TTC has long been known as the lifeline of Toronto. Starting June 11th, you’re invited to see it in a new light through the eyes of 18 exhibiting artists. June 11th thru 27th, check out Streetcar Art Exhibition at Artists’ Gallery Network at 638 Queen Street East, inside the Dark Horse Café.

The exhibit is a farewell celebration marking two years at Artists’ Network Queen and Carroll Street location, which is a Streetcar Developments property. Streetcar has an ongoing commitment to artists and helps by providing subsidized spaces that enrich communities.

Throughout their two years at Queen and Carroll, Artists’ Network has hosted 21 exhibitions, including solo and group shows in collaboration with other cultural initiatives, including CONTACT Photography Festival, Pride, and Centennial College. The subsidized space has provided artsits with affordable and professional exhibition opportunities. The space is also part of the Artists’ Network administrative office where they plan their outdoor shows, Riverdale ArtWalk and ArtWalk in the Square. Throughout the years, they’ve also hosted monthly seminars and community meet-ups. Artists’ Network Gallery is moving from their current TTC Streetcar stop to a new venue to be determined.

The Streetcar Art exhibition runs from June 11th thru 29th. Gallery Hours are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 12 – 5 pm and Saturday, Sunday, 11 am – 4 pm. The opening reception is Saturday, June 15th from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Exhibiting artists are listed below:

Ana Gribbons | Bob Bernstein | Corynn Kololakis | Dave Rheaume | Donna Wells | Erwin Buck | Ezio Molinari | Henry Vander Spek | Judy Tarnofsky | Kathleen Clayton | Kathleen McGuire | Lori Slater | Morgan Jones | Murray Van Halem | Patrick Skals | Richard Harris  | Rob Croxford | Shane Fisher