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Streetcar enjoys a hard-earned reputation as a Toronto developer who invests in exciting neighbourhoods, improving the quality of entire communities. Every one of our celebrated projects integrates seamlessly into its surroundings, respecting the historic look and feel of the area while providing a glimpse into what could be.

Celebrating our city’s rich diversity, we appreciate that one size does not fit all. Whether you’re looking for a loft condo, townhouse, or live/work space, Streetcar designs and develops a variety of contemporary urban homes to meet anyone’s lifestyle. We also understand that a homeowner’s experience extends beyond the four walls of a unit, to the local culture and community. We strive to contribute to the neighbourhood’s charm, bringing new beauty to existing streetscapes and Toronto as a whole.

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New details regarding the redevelopment of the Broadview Hotel have finally been announced. While the main opening of the building in still slated for 2017, a ceremony will be held October 5 at 7 p.m. to unveil the restored facade of the 125 year old hotel, which has been under hoarding for months as crews have worked on the masonry under the guidance of ERA Architects.