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Gladstone House

Since 1889, Gladstone House has been a pillar of the West Queen West community offering a space that promotes creativity and collaboration while fostering inclusivity. Over the past several years, the Gladstone House has evolved in many ways but has continued to be recognized and valued as a very social and interactive gathering place. Just as the West Queen West community has undergone a significant transformation over the years, so too has Gladstone House with a renovation that combines soft-industrial motif with modern accents throughout.

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Reinvented, historic-haute arts hotel in Parkdale

The hotel underwent a major renovation in 2005 to preserve the landmark building’s historical significance. In 2020 Streetcar and DREAM purchased the historic hotel adding it to their portfolio of character buildings with the vision to carry on its legacy. With great respect for the West Queen West community, the vision is to maintain the neighbourhood’s art, culture and diversity, while amplifying the hotel’s offering.
Gladstone House