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How to Stay Positive and Motivated During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We’re not going to pretend it’s business as usual. Social distancing has quickly become the new normal, and businesses both large and local are feeling the economic hit of COVID-19.

Although the world around us may be upside down, there’s something to be said about keeping a forward-looking mindset. Here are our tips for staying positive and motivated while working from home.

Stick to a routine

While the world may feel like it’s in disarray, experts agree that sticking to a routine can help you stay grounded. Waking up at a regular time, showering, and dressing are little things you can do to establish a normal routine. If working from home, changing into work clothes and carving out a workspace can also help delineate between personal and professional time.

Eat Well

Research from the Mental Health Foundation indicates that what we eat affects not just our physical health but our mental health and wellbeing, too. Focus on creating balanced meals with lots of fresh produce, some protein, healthy fats and quality carbs. Need some inspiration? Check out this Toronto cookbook that was just released for free online. It features recipes from top chefs including  Jesse Fader, Matthew Ravenscroft, Craig Wong. You can also support local restaurants by ordering Uber Eats.

Stay Active

Whether you’re looking for high-intensity training or just want to stretch out, YouTube is an amazing source of free content for staying fit. Some of our favourite channels include MadFit and Boho Beautiful. You can also take a walk outside—as long as you practice social distancing and be sure to avoid touching your face and wash your hands when you come back inside.

Spring Clean

Now is the perfect time to spring clean your living space. Choose one area per day to thoroughly organize and deep clean. Give your pantry, garden, or balcony the extra attention you couldn’t provide during regular times. Need some inspiration? Watch Marie Kondo’s Netflix Series where she preaches the life-changing magic of tidying up.

Caring for Kids

Caring for kids can be especially trying right now, especially since school and regular activities have been cancelled. Whether you have small children or teenagers, experts agree you need to listen and provide emotional support. If children need to attend online courses, experts advise designating an area for studying and create some structure with a schedule. Access to technology and rules around screen time can be relaxed so children can connect with friends virtually.

Mind Your Mental Health 

Anxiety, stress and fear are very normal reactions right now, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. They recommend several activities to support your well-being, including taking a break from the news and social media as well as getting plenty of sleep, exercise, and nutrients from balanced meals. Visit their website to find more resources for emergency relief, including the Disaster Distress Hotline and the National Domestic Violence Hotline

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