A Wedding Party Welcomes Audiences to the New Streetcar Crowsnest

Last week, we proudly welcomed the first audiences to the opening performance of A Wedding Party, the kickoff production at the all new Streetcar Crowsnest. In case you haven’t heard, Streetcar Crowsnest is the new permanent home for Crow’s Theatre, and is the first-of-its-kind theatre space this side of the DVP.

The opening of the theatre marks an important cultural moment for the east, and have left many speculating that Crow’s move to Leslieville signals a shift in the artistic landscape of the city. “Toronto’s east end could be heading towards another cultural boom thanks to some gutsy entrepreneurs, well-organized community groups and collaborative developers,” writes Now Toronto. Opening receptions kicked off with some tasty noshes from the fine folks at Table 17, who will soon be unveiling Gare de L’Est, a french restaurant adjacent to the theatre. This is the same culinary team who will be providing food and beverage for The Broadview Hotel.




“We all love this neighbourhood,” said Chris Abraham during opening remarks. Abraham is Crow’s artistic director and the visionary behind the theatre’s Winter /Spring programming. “Theatres are places where we meet to exchange stories and ideas, to be moved, to be entertained, to be inspired by beauty, to feel like citizens and to find community,” he writes in the 2017 program.


Speaking to the collaboration between Streetcar and Crow’s Theatre, Allie Warren, our VP of Corporate Development, said “Crow’s was a perfect partnership to match the vision and values of Streetcar.” City Councillor Paula Fletcher was also in attendance, remarking how the rest of the city is “green with envy” for the east and its cultural revitalization.





A Wedding Party (written by Kristin Thomson) tells the story of a wedding with all the quintessential family drama taken to hilarious extremes. A cast of familiar characters (including the big shot father-of-the-groom, the underappreciated wife, the quirky grandmother, and overshadowed brother, to name a few) are all played by six actors who take audiences through a whirlwind of excitement and entertainment.

The fast-paced plot at once reveals old family feuds while concocting new ones. Quick costume changes allow for a single actor to morph from an angst-ridden mother-of-the-bride to a server to a Bernese Mountain Dog and back again (yes, seriously). We won’t say more for fear of giving too much away, but we will say that The Wedding Party is a must-see for anyone who can relate to the complicated plots of love and family, and—of course—the drama of weddings.

Expect more great things from Crow’s Theatre in its new home at Streetcar Crowsnest, located at 345 Carlaw Avenue in the foot of The Carlaw. For more information and additional programming, check out their website here.