The New Broadview Hotel UPDATE: Revitalization of an east end landmark

Since we announced the purchase of the historic New Broadview Hotel, our priority has been on the residentsliving at the hotel and supporting their transition. As part of this commitment, Streetcar has been working closely with residents on a one‐on‐one basis to identify their specific circumstances and understand the type of support they need.

We created a partnership with the City of Toronto and WoodGreen which includes significant financial contributions by Streetcar to create a comprehensive package that provides tenants access to many forms of services and assistance. This includes housing allowances and moving assistance along with dedicated WoodGreen staffing resources and ongoing support for one year.

By the end of September, all of the residents will have transitioned to new housing that exceeds their previous housing conditions.

We thank WoodGreen and the City for their support and contribution in this process. Our hope is that by working together, we have established a precedent for how the private and public sector can collaborate to achieve the best possible outcomes when such circumstances arise.

Our vision for the Broadview Hotel has always been to revitalize the iconic landmark and create an exciting public destination for the whole neighbourhood to enjoy. As part of our process, we asked people to participate in ourBroadview Hotel Survey and tell us what they’d like to see. Top choices were restaurant, hotel and event space/gallery. We are seriously looking at these options and started the exploration process.

We’re continuing our efforts to revitalize the New Broadview Hotel and we look forward to sharing more updates in the coming months.