Trend Watch: Vegan Fast Food in Toronto

#TorontoFoodie has become one of the most trending hashtags in Toronto, and it’s no wonder given the city’s diversity of cuisine. New restaurants are opening every week, and for those who are vegan or have dietary restrictions, the excitement can quickly falter when the options on the menu are limited. But while the 6ix offers a strong array for BBQ, taco and seafood options, the vegan restaurant and take-out game has been growing equally as strong. We’ve rounded up the top vegan fast food spots in the city to make sure the dietary struggle is a little less real.

A true home-base for all dishes vegetarian and vegan, Fresh‘s sprawling menu of salads, bowls, juices, and “burgers” covers every nutritional base. With a multitude of locations all over the city, Fresh isn’t only a dine-in mecca but also a popular take-out spot as well. Their organic and creative meals range from squash tacos and vegan burritos to over a dozen different salads and wraps. Even more impressive is their equally large drink bar, which serves up juices, milkshakes, and smoothies, as well as organic vino.

New on the vegan food scene this summer is Doomie‘s. The fast-food-inspired vegan menu was an instant hit, from mac’n’cheese to philly cheesesteak to boozy “milk”shakes. The restaurant is a wonderland for vegans and vegetarians who can’t normally have said real-world options. Their biggest hit, though, is their secret off-menu vegan take on the classic Big Mac. Made with a cashew based version of the special sauce, a vegan patty and all the vegetable fixings, it’s a must-try for everyone.

Tori’s Bakeshop
Those who are vegan and/or gluten intolerant know how hard it is come birthdays, other celebrations, or just any time you want to indulge with a baked good. Tori’s Bakeshop located at 2188 Queen Street East is a vegan bakery with tons of additional gluten-free goodies. Donuts, cupcakes, and pies are just some of what you can expect. We recommend their chocolate and vanilla donut cupcakes that are so delicious you won’t even notice their ingredient substitutes. The bakery also offers custom edible creation services for events that are hoping to include every dietary restriction.

Belmonte Raw
An East Side staple, Belmonte Raw is a raw, organic cafe that serves not only their famed cold-pressed juices but a weekly rotation of raw, vegan salads and snacks. Their main meals switch up every week and have cultural flares from all over the world. Grab a Veggie Lo-Mein with squash and zucchini noodles, curry salad, or raw falafel for lunch or dinner on-the-go. You can find Belmonte at 1022 Queen Street East or under the Exchange Tower.

Kupfert and Kim
Kupfert and Kim has taken over the downtown core as Toronto’s premier vegan lunch cafe. With fresh produce that arrives everyday and an expansive, creative menu for both breakfast and lunch, it’s no wonder their six-location chain has become a go-to for corporate workers. Grab a berry smoothie bowl in the morning or a cauliflower tahini creation for lunch—your carnivore co-workers might just have a change of heart.

The moment you walk in the front door of this Little Italy “butcher” shop it will take a moment to register that YamChops is a completely vegetarian joint. Displayed and run like a typical butcher shop, the ordering fridge features beet burgers, chik*en cutlets, coconut bacon and “meat” balls. In addition to their large produce counter, they also offer a wide range of vegetarian and vegan ready-made meals and sides such as tuna-less sandwiches, raw pad thai, and grilled tofu boxes. Whether you’re grabbing something to-go or planning a family dinner, YamChops has a spot in every meal.

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