Six Toronto Podcasts to Check Out

While podcasts have been available for years, it wasn’t until the phenomenon of Serial, from the creators of This American Life, that the trendiness of the radio/internet love child catapulted the genre into mainstream consciousness. A new wave of podcast fever has surfaced new talent, with notable shows coming out of—and celebrating—Toronto. Here are the top podcasts from the 6ix on our playlist.

Invisible City 
Toronto’s chief city planner Jennifer Keesmaat takes to the mic to talk cities and design. While hour-long episodes are dolled out only once a month, they’re well worth the wait, since they take on important issues like city-building, the future of the car, and food in cities. You can check out Invisible City on their website.

Most commonly known for breaking the Jian Ghomeshi story back in 2015, Canadaland is a news podcast covering—you guesed it—Canada. Funded by their audience, Canadaland aims to be an independent news source for canucks outlining and showcasing mainstream media’s shortcomings and bias. The umbrella show, Canadaland, airs every Monday and Thursday with branches of its network airing every other day of the week, such as Commons, a political show that promises not to be boring, and the Imposter, a show about music, movies, television, pop-culture, video games and everything else in-between. You can find all of Canadaland’s podcast episodes and read more of their news stories on their website.

Utopia to Me?
What would be your perfect world? No strings attached—and only your imagination is the limit. Comedian Chris Locke hosts a weekly show to discuss what utopia would be with various friends. Past guests have included Brent Butt, Nathan Fielder and Tim Gilbert. Utopia to Me? is available for streaming on its website or for download via iTunes.

Sex & The Single Parent
A dry, no-filter, sketch podcast relating to all things single parenting. Hosted by Precious Chong and Melissa Story, the series started as a weekly podcast and has since grown into a video/podcast/blog powerhouse sharing stories relating to sex, life, and parenting, with some miscellaneous musings along the way. The podcast features a rotation of specialists, friends, and comedy stars that fill the guest chair in addition to the back-and-forth from the show’s hosts. You can check out both the podcast and sketch videos via their website.

That’s How I Remember It
How well do you really remember the plot of that movie you saw that summer in freshman year? That is the entire premise of That’s How I Remember It, a comedy podcast where the Nice Guys, a Toronto comedic group comprised of  Michael Mongiardi, Sharjil Rassol, John Richardson, and Raul Delgado, recollect the plots of famous films to the best of their ability on air. Recent episodes have tackled Spice World, Edward Scissor Hands, The Princess Bride, and Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. You can catch every episode of That’s How I Remember It via their website.

Our Fake History
Drawing the line between history and myth, Our Fake History debunks historical myths and investigates mythical history. Hosts Sebastian Major and Beth Lorimer set the stage for fun and knowledgable dive into our world’s history and the misconceptions that have arisen from it. In the pilot episode, Major turned the focus on the rumour that Queen Elizabeth II is a man in drag and in the most recent episode Grigori Rasputin. You can stream and download episodes of Our Fake History via their website or on iTunes.

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