Monthly Media Round-Up: November Edition

Faster than you can say Jingle Bells, November has come to a close. Before we head off the to the holiday races, it’s time to take a look back on all the happenings of November:

This month The Globe and Mail wrote an extensive feature on Streetcar Crowsnest, the new home of the Crow’s Theatre set to open on the first floor of the Carlaw in January 2017. For the article, writer J. Kelly Nestruck sat down with theatre’s Artistic Director Chris Abraham to chat about the new permanent residence of the previously nomadic venture.

Known for the past 33 years as The Crow’s Theatre, Streetcar is proud to have contributed to both the development of the new space but also the re-launch in their new name, Streetcar Crowsnest Theatre.

“It’s a big jump for a small organization,” says a hard-hat clad Chris Abraham, the artistic director of Crow’s and Siminovitch Prize-winning director, giving The Globe and Mail a sneak peek of the construction site near completion. “We’ve almost quadrupled our staff size and tripled our operating budget to $1.5-million for next year. Last year, we were $600,000.”

The new space is set to feature two performance theatres, one that seats 220, the other 90 and a 65-seat restaurant operated by Erik Joyal and John Sinopoli of Ascari Enoteca and Hi-Lo.

For featured performances, the theatre is set to hit the ground running with 11 different productions in the works for the first five months of operation:

Programming in the Crowsnest will be divided into three categories – “signature” shows, where Crow’s is the lead producer; partner presentations, where Crow’s is involved, but to a lesser extent; and guest shows, which are curated rentals.

Thank you for the featured piece, Globe and Mail. We can’t wait for the new Streetcar Crowsnest theatre to take the stage in January!

In addition to the Globe and Mail feature, in November we were thrilled to find out we were voted Runner-Up Best Condo Developer by NOW Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Poll! Thank you once again to everyone who voted for us and our neighbours!