Monthly Media Round-Up: July Edition

After years of planning, organizing, building, and designing, The Broadview Hotel has finally opened its doors to receive its first guests. We are overjoyed at the amount of support that has poured through our doors since we soft opened two weeks ago, and we’re thrilled with the love being shown in publications and across social media. We appreciate your feedback and support as we help this venture into its public debut.

blogTO - The Broadview Hotel

imgae via blogTO  

Our friends at blogTO not only stopped by to snap pictures of the space and food, but also filmed a short video showcasing the rooftop, cafe, and snacks. In addition to showing off the vibe and spirit of the hotel, the video also shines a spotlight on our fried smelts,  bay scallop ceviche, and jerk ribs (yum!)

The Toronto Star’s Raju Mudhar sat down with Streetcar Development’s owner Les Mallins for a candid chat about the hotel, the community, and Streetcar’s aspirations for the project. Les was quoted about opening the hotel as a condo developer:

“I’m honestly blown away by the amount of positivity that we’ve gotten […] it’s nice for our team to have brought to the community something that’s truly special, and has been so uniformly positively received.”

The article not only affirms The Broadview Hotel’s rooftop patio as the summer’s “it” destination but also explores the evolution of the east over the past decade. With the opening of new small business’ in the past 15 years and the increasing cost of west-end living, there has been an influx of young professionals and creatives moving into the ‘hood. The article draws lines to what The Gladstone and The Drake did in the west by tying community and culture together to what’s happening now in the east and the opening of the hotel.

“Is it the Drake of the east side? Definitely not. I don’t think. The Drake has done unbelievable things for the west side, and I just don’t mean as a place for people to drink,” [Les] says. “They have shown that in a community-based boutique hotel, community engagement is very important. Culture is very important, programming is very important.”

DAN PEARCE via The Toronto Star

CBC also visited the hotel slightly before our soft open. General Manager Murray Henderson toured their crew around the building for a segment on the evening news. This was the first time video cameras have been allowed inside our Cafe+Bar, guestrooms, Lincoln Hall Terrace and Rooftop patio! The video was accompanied by an article that featured interviews with Jennifer Lay, Riverside’s Business Improvement Area Director, as well as members of the east end community.

The hotel also received a write up in Toronto Life that reviewed The Broadview’s history, construction, guestroom details and even a preview of the Rooftop and Cafe + Bar. Stunning shots showing off our in-suite vibe are paired with the article by Kayla Rocca. Thanks, Toronto Life, for coming by!

Inside Toronto, The SUN and GoodHood also published coverage on the hotel’s opening that details the specs of the building and interviews with Murray Henderson and local residents.

In addition to our local news outlets, The Broadview Hotel is starting to attract international media attention! Just before the official soft opening, The Australian listed us as one of Toronto’s Top 3 Hotels. And finally, in a less traditional form of media coverage, a drone image captured by iamronlee of the hotel was featured by Urban Toronto as their Photo of the Day on July 28th. The image definitely deserves the praise ?

We are so thankful for all the kind words and coverage we have received over the past few weeks. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store!