Monthly Media Round-Up: January Edition

Cheers to the new year! We’ve officially kicked off 2017—and with a bang, too! Before we move onto February, let’s take a look back on everything that happened the first month of the new year.

Early this month, we were honoured to be included in two featured articles that talked about exciting developments to come this year. BlogTO listed their Top 7 Most Exciting Real Estate Developments in Toronto for 2017 and included The Broadview Hotel. They wrote:

“The restored facade has been exposed and the exterior lights turned on at the Broadview Hotel, but at somepoint in 2017 we’ll finally get to see the what’s been done to the inside of this remarkable building, including a new cafe, cocktail lounge, and restaurant space.”

Looking to the broader expansion of the East and its constant evolution, NOW Magazine also featured The Broadview Hotel and Streetcar Crowsnest in an article showcasing the cultural revolution happening this side of the DVP. In summary, NOW wrote:

“Toronto’s east end could be heading towards another cultural boom thanks to some gutsy entrepreneurs, well-organized community groups and collaborative developers. In recent years, much of the city’s arts activity has focused heavily on west end venues and communities. But creative minds east of the Don are set to expand their role in the art’s scene.”

We couldn’t be more proud to be included in the cultural transformation of the east! In addition to looking forward to our upcoming developments, we celebrated the opening of the Streetcar Crowsnest Theatre this month,which garnered a ton of media coverage from Inside Toronto, Toronto Life, CBC, NOW Magazine, BlogTO and Biz Bash.

Toronto Life gave a peak inside the new theatre, while BlogTO wrote:

“Situated on arterial Carlaw in Leslieville, the theatre has a welcoming lobby that’s big but not too intimidating, industrial but warm with touches of wood. And of course, it’s a bee line from the entrance to the bar, well-stocked with local craft beer like Left Field on tap, and Hop City and Ace Hill cans.”

The theatre also opened with their first show, The Wedding Party, which has already received much acclaim. Developed by Kristen Thomson and directed by Chris Abraham, audiences have been lining up to get a chance to see the limited-run play that focuses on the dynamics between two joining families at a wedding.

Notable praise quickly came in from The Toronto Star, The National Post, She Does The City and NOW Magazine. The Toronto Star’s Karen Fricker wrote:

“What brings many pleasures and belly laughs is the convention of performers character-swapping at a dizzying rate, ranging across genders, nationalities and ages. O’Connell, for example, plays not only Margaret but Jack Jr.’s English-accented best friend Alice and Sherry’s Slavic bodybuilder half-brother Vlad.”

If the saying is true that “how you spend your new year is how you’ll spend the rest of the year,” then we’re in for a whirlwind of excitement, and we can’t wait!