Local Love: Kids at Home

The east has baby on the brain. From family-friendly restos to new play spaces, there has never been a better time to be a tiny tot in Toronto.  Tapping into this growing market is Kids At Home, the new kid (and youth home decor boutique) on the block at 181B Carlaw Avenue.


Some may remember that Kids at Home used to be located in the Beaches throughout the 2000s. Though they’d established a large following and strong clientele base, the store was set to close in 2014. That is until Anthony Boulous came to the rescue. A fan of the shop, Boulous took over the business to reinvent it for a modern-day parent. “We know that Leslieville was named last year as the number one neighbourhood to raise a family in the city,” Boulous told us.  “You can see the transformation that has happened in this neighbourhood over the years. It’s a cool transformation. Especially here you see all the ad agencies, a lot of designers—it’s a very design focused district. I also liked what was happening with the area, especially on Carlaw, you see a lot of modern design being mixed with old architecture.”


Kids at Home prides itself of featuring only Canada-made products. From furniture to baby aids and toys, the ultra-mod and fun space maintains a strong balance of trendy yet functional.

The boutique is a completely gutted garage space that has been reworked into an open and inviting shop. The showroom being long and skinny allowed for the creation of six mini rooms styled in fun ways that showcase the shop’s offerings, which range from furniture to decor to toys. “Our idea is that when you’re buying furniture for your kid’s bedroom you should be buying the pieces that inspire you versus buying a set. Coming from that mindset we decided we wanted to represent our manufacturer in a different way,” said Boulous, “We are very different from everyone else in that sense, I had to sell that idea to my manufacturer, that we wanted to mix things up.”


In addition to the new physical boutique, the shop has also launched their online store. Smaller items such as accessories and lighting are readily available to be shipped online, while larger pieces such as furniture request that you call in to inquire about specific items. Boulous says furniture is a much more significant investment, and he wants to offer as much hands-on support throughout the buying process to ensure that the customer has purchased the perfect piece.


With new collections coming down the pipelines, Kids at Home is set to bring a new element of style to kid’s bedrooms across the east and beyond.