Hacks for Home Organization

There’s no doubt about it, 2016 is the year people have resolved to get organized. While the tidying trend isn’t entirely new, the release of de-cluttering guru Marie Kondo’s second book, Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up, has put it back in the spotlight. Known for creating the KonMari method of de-cluttering, Kondo changed the way people view their possessions. Suddenly, millions of fans around the world were getting rid of things they felt they no longer needed and embracing the “magic” Kondo promised with her “life-changing” method.

However, no matter how much stuff we get rid of, we still need to keep some things. From clothes to cleaning supplies, we’ll always have stuff that need to be stored away. Here are 10 home organization hacks for tidying up everything (including the kitchen sink!).

1. Fold vertically

This first tip comes straight from Marie Kondo. Rather than folding your clothes the traditional way, she argues that folding them vertically saves space and allows you to more easily find items. Click here to watch a video of the master herself demonstrating her famous fold.

2. Install a tension rod under your sink

You can vastly improve the organization of items kept hidden under your sink by installing a rod to hang your cleaning supplies. This frees up shelf space for other items like dog food, extra garbage bags, and whatever else you’d like to tuck away. See how Martha Stewart does it here.

3. Hang a towel rack over your sink

Now that under your sink is tidy, turn attention towards the space over it. Save counter space by using a trusty towel rack to elevate items off the counter or make space on shelves. Use shower curtain hooks to clip mugs, measuring cups and, well, towels.

4. Hang those shades

Show off those shades (and avoid crushing them) by clasping your favourite sunglasses over a hanger. This trick also works for belts, bracelets, and other accessories. See how fashion blogger Luanna Perez does it here.

5. Repurpose magazine racks

Magazine racks can be used to organize everything from Ziplock bags and saran wrap to styling items and accessories. Use them behind doors for holding cutting boards or even to store beauty appliances like hair straighteners and curling irons. More solutions for magazine racks from Apartment Therapy.

6. Hang wrapping paper in a garment bag

Hanging things up is apparently a trend here, so while you’re at it why not round up that leftover Christmas paper and collect it in a garment bag. Hack this further by using binder clips to hold the rolls together so they’re nice and tidy for next year. Check out how our friends do it on The Chic Site.

7. Get inventive with a shoe organizer

Those shoe organizers that hang on the backs of doors are much more versatile than would initially appear. Use them to sort arts and craft supplies, beauty products, accessories and even snacks. No bathroom counter space? No problem. A shoe organizer provides you with several storage pockets so everything is at arm’s reach.

8. Make Freezer Space

Rather than piling up open bags in the freezer, use a butterfly clip to close and secure each bag to any racks or shelving. It’s so easy to grab that frozen fruit for smoothies now! See how the Krazy Coupon Lady does it. If you don’t have shelving in your freezer, use plastic baskets to sort and store, as shown here.

9. Store sheets inside their matching pillowcase

Smarten up your linen closet and take the chore out of making the bed by storing entire linen sets in their corresponding pillowcase, a shown by Home Goods. These self-contained sheet sets easily stack and keep out dust and dirt.

10. Take back space under the bathroom sink

Re-imagine the world under your bathroom sink by adding baskets, racks and shelves. By thinking vertically you can maximize space and make the most of your cabinets. See this example from Living Locurto

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