5 Charities to Donate To This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for cheer and charity. Sticking with the theme of the season, the holidays are a time for giving and there are a number of east-end organizations that could use your help. While there will always be a growing list of worthy charities, here are five local ones to keep in mind this season:

The Red Door
Having a history in the community since 1982, The Red Door has been a long-standing family shelter committed to helping people with emergency housing situations. When they opened, The Red Door was only the second family shelter in the city of Toronto, and since then they have become a pillar for women and children in need. In recent years the Red Door has faced financial and location crises, but have since found a new permanent home on Carlaw Avenue. There are two ways you can give to help improve the support of The Red Door and their visitors: First, you can donate a tangible item such as a small appliance, sheets, baby clothing, winter accessories and non-perishable food items, or you can donate money via their website.

Nellie’s is an east-end women’s shelter that focuses on providing women and children who have experienced oppression, abuse, or homelessness. The female-led shelter was named after Nellie McClung, a Canadian feminist pioneer, and was the first shelter to open up beds exclusively for women in Toronto in 1973. Nellie’s offers counselling programs for women and children and also provides reintegration support. Similar to The Red Door, donations can be given one of two ways, through gift-giving or via a monetary donation. If you’re looking to donate items, please visit their website where the current in-need items are listed for the shelter.

Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore
Most may know Habitat for Humanity as the worldwide organization that aims to help build homes for those in need. The org’s lesser-known venture is the ReStore warehouses that sell items to the general public to help build and furnish homes. There is a ReStore located at 3 Carlaw Avenue, and there you can purchase furniture pieces, scrap construction materials, home odds and ends (such as pipes, doorknobs and doors) and appliances. 100% of the proceeds from purchased items at a ReStore location go back into the local Habitat for Humanity branch. You can help by either donating your large home items at any time, or head over to their website to donate a monetary gift.

Humane Society
The Toronto Humane Society has been a city-wide hub for animal rights, care, and advocacy since the late 1800s. Located at 11 River Street, the active animal shelter and rescue centre has been a leading no-kill home for lost, displaced, abused and abandoned animals. Every year they take in thousands of furry friends and in return help re-home them with the best familial fit. They also offer world-class medical support to all animals that come through the shelter. The best way to donate to the Humane Society is by way of their website. If you’re looking to get more involved, they have an active volunteer and foster program that can be applied for online here.

Woodgreen Community
Woodgreen Community is a large, well-rounded community centre located at 815 Danforth Avenue. Offering support in housing, employment services, health and wellness programs, immigration support, and dozens of other services, Woodgreen is a true social good staple in the neighbourhood. With such a diverse range of programs offered and support channels, the centre relies heavily on donations and volunteers to fulfil their mission. You can find out more about volunteering or making a donation here.

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Feature image via The Red Door.